Go Rhino Truck Bull Bars

Tough looking trucks are easily appreciated.  When you want to make your truck into something that will scare that little baby blue Prius off the road then you should look into the line of bull bars brought to you by Go Rhino.  These bull bars come in your choice of finishes.  Choose from a black powder coat or stainless steel.  These bumpers have a quality that is timeless but they are still nothing less than ferocious.  Go Rhino is a company that pays strict attention to even the tiniest of details.  The powder coat that they use will not chip either.  Powder coat or stainless steel doesn’t matter because all of the Go Rhino bumpers will give you nothing less than protection that is perfect.

The Charger RC2 is one of the great bull bars made by Go Rhino.  It is constructed from high quality steel and as such doesn’t tend to attract dents and dings as much as some of the competitors’ offerings do.  It does an outstanding job of making sure that the front end of your truck is protected from debris and frontal impact.  If you have ever taken your truck on an off road adventure then you should be well aware of the important of a great bull bar.  This particular bar also utilizes a new bracket system.  This system gives you an installation that is stronger and less prone to vibration.

If you are worried about installation…don’t.  There is not any need for things like cutting, drilling or welding and as a result, this installation is a breeze.   Just bolt it on and go.  You can get this bar in a custom fit for most trucks that are on the market. You also have the ability to add auxiliary lighting to it if you wish.  The bar is built to readily accommodate 2 driving lights with a 6 inch diameter.

For those looking for the ultimate bull bar, your search is over.  This bar made by Go Rhino has the utmost in terms of quality, functionality, protection, style and affordability.  Additionally, it comes with a warranty that differs depending on the finish that you choose.  The powder coat has a 5 year warranty while the steel has a lifetime warranty.

Features at a Glance

  • Limited lifetime warranty for the stainless steel version
  • 5 year limited warranty for the black powder coat version
  • Your choice of finishes – stainless steel or black powder coat
  • Comes complete with everything that you need for a fast and easy installation (mounting brackets)
  • Installation requires no drilling, cutting or welding
  • Pair of integrated light tabs that will accommodate 6 inch driving lights
  • Includes a removable stainless steel skid plate that guards the vitals parts of your truck while looking great

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