Get a Big Brake Kit for Your Truck to Stop in the Shortest Time

If you want to shorten your trucks stopping distance overall, the best gains are made before stepping on the brake pedal, you want to hit the pedal hard and fast from the get-go and without hesitation. Removing this hesitation and going all in can make a substantial difference in overall braking distance. Since you’re reading this blog we assume you are one who hits hard and goes all in, So, how do you improve? That’s when it’s time to upgrade your truck brake to a big brake kit!

Big brake kits are there to exceed the performance of your stock setup with small rotors, small calipers, and small brake pads. With a big brake kit you’re upgrading to bigger rotors which increase heat capacity and reduce the chance of brake fade. Not only does a kit include bigger calipers but they are also stiffer one-piece units for consistent pedal feel and confidence-inspiring responsiveness. Also included in most kits are stainless steel lines which are designed to be stronger and expanded less than stock rubber lines. And the final item in a big brake kit is the brake pads. Since we’ve already gone over the bigger rotors and bigger calipers, you know the brake pads are bigger too. The larger surface area of the brake pads increase the stopping force they apply on the rotors enabling you to achieve the best overall stopping distances.

Once your big brake kit is installed consider these tips for an improved braking experience:

  • Avoid turning and breaking at the same time
  • Practice stopping at the speeds you commonly drive at
  • Be smooth on pressing the brakes
  • Focus on where you want to go and not on what you don’t want to hit
  • Finally, always drive safely so nothing will surprise you. Be observant of pedestrians, bicyclist, and motorcyclist.

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