Decked Bed Organizer

As truck owners, there are times when we need a way to carry things for work while still being able to carry our toys too.  The thing is, when you have the bed of your truck filled with your tools of the trade, yes, you may have room to get some of your toys in there too but how do you keep them organized so that you can lay your hands on what you need right when you need it?

These are some of the reasons that a man by the name of Lance Meller spent an entire 3 years developing storage solutions with applications in truck beds.  This is how Decked was born.

Lance figured that is he – as a truck owner – was getting tired of having to deal with homemade solutions and even sub-par purchased solutions for this issue then other truck owners would be too.  These types of ‘solutions’ were really no help at all and if you have ever heard your gear rattling in your truck bed then you will know exactly what we are talking about.

Lance and his partners worked very hard to be able to bring you a solution that would soon become the best on the market.  Their designs are innovative as well as intuitive and will give you the ability to work smarter and faster so that you will have the time and energy to play harder.

For Work

Storing and accessing your work tools and equipment should be something that is easy to do.  Lance and the rest of the Decked team did and as a result, they developed the Decked Bed Organizer.  This organizer basically raises the deck – bottom of the bed – which then gives you room to store tools, hardware and other items securely while you still have the entire truck bed to use for whatever else you may be carrying.  This organizer also serves to protect whatever is under the deck from prying eyes, sticky fingers and harsh elements.

For Play

Down time play time can take a great deal of toys sometimes.  When you have a Decked Bed Organizer, you have the ability to carry your camping gear, boards, guns, tents, tailgate party essentials, sleeping bags, skis, fishing equipment and all of the rest of the necessary play items.  No matter if you are just going to the parking lot or heading out into the wilds, with this organizer you have room for everything that you need.  These organizers are even so strong that if you wanted to put your 4 wheeler on top of it, that is entirely feasible.  It is strong enough to take the weight without crushing all of your work gear stored underneath it.


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