• Get a Big Brake Kit for Your Truck to Stop in the Shortest Time

    If you want to shorten your trucks stopping distance overall, the best gains are made before stepping on the brake pedal, you want to hit the pedal hard and fast from the get-go and without hesitation. Removing this hesitation and going all in can make a substantial difference in overall braking distance. Since you’re reading this blog we assume you are one who hits hard and goes all in, So, how do you improve? That’s when it’s time to upgrade your truck brake to a big brake kit! [Read More…]

  • Choosing the Right Performance Modules for Your Dodge Ram

    Dodge Ram performance modules are known for being able to boost your horsepower. The result is that you will be able to accelerate faster than usual, and your towing capacity is increased, which can be helpful for any truck. If you are interested in these benefits of Dodge Ram performance modules, you should get to know a few details about the most popular ones on the market. Then get some tips to help you choose the best one for your vehicle.

    Find One Especially for Your Truck

    Make sure the module you buy is made for Dodge Rams, first of all. Then you should focus on finding one that is made for engines that have not yet been modified. However, if your engine has already been modified in the past, you should check out Dodge Ram performance modules that are made for modified engines. This is because the module you buy will affect your exhaust and thermostat when improving your truck, so the current state of these vehicle features will matter. [Read More…]

  • Truck Wheels: Hottest Brands in 2012

    If you are in the market for truck wheels, you should learn the most popular brands this year. These companies make wheels that are sold at several wheel shops and websites, so they should be easy to find.

    Eagle Alloys

    Eagle Alloys truck wheels are some of the most popular types in 2012. They come in a range of styles and finishes, including chrome and matte black. If appearance is important to you, check out these truck wheels since they tend to stand out. [Read More…]

  • Truck Tires: A Look at Top Selling Tires

    If you are looking for new truck tires, you should pay attention to the top selling products on the market today. There is often a reason they are so popular, so it is wise to check out the features each tire has.

    BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A KO Off-Road Tire

    This tire is popular among truck owners because it is inexpensive and works well both on and off paved roads. It has better traction than many other truck tires, and is known for being durable so it will last for years. In addition, the rim protector can keep your rims from being damaged as you drive.

    [Read More…]

  • Give Your Ford F-Series a Lift Kit Upgrade

    If you are thinking about lifting your Ford F-Series truck, you need the right lift kit for the job. Fortunately, there are several available. Before you start browsing for the best Ford F-Series lift kit, get an idea of the kits you can choose from.

     Rancho Ford F-Series 4″ Suspension Lift Kit

    If you want to lift your Ford 4 inches up, you should check out this lift kit. It is known for being durable, as it is made of steel that is built to last. When you use this kit, you will notice the spectacular fit for your vehicle. In addition, you will not have to worry about it falling apart when you go off-road, since this Ford F-Series lift kit is made for off-road adventures. [Read More…]