BedRug Truck Bed Mat

For those who may be unfamiliar with BedRug, they are the leader of the pack when it comes to high quality and innovation when it comes to truck bed mats and related products.  If you are looking for BedRug itself, you will need to take a trip to Old Hickory, TN where they are located and have been since they first got started in the TPO foam composite manufacturing business.

Getting their start in that line was actually a good thing because this particular type of foam is has many various attributed when it comes to a wide variety of applications.  This foam is flexible and soft while also being very stable thermally.  This means that regardless of the weather, it will retain its integrity.  Additionally, this foam has what is called a closed cell construction.  In essence, this means that it does not absorb liquids.  This makes it similar to the foam that you will find being used in life jackets.

This type of foam is also able to be fabricated into various parts that are suitable for use in outdoor applications.  In addition to that, it is also able to be laminated onto other types of substrates like plastic, non-woven 100% polypropylene carpet.  In fact, this is the process that is used in the construction of the BedRug bed mats.

Many times, people find that they feel better about buying products that are certified in different areas.  If this describes you then you will be pleased to know that BedRug has both the ISO 9001 and the TS 1649 certifications.  These particular certifications mean that you can rest easy about the product specifications.  They must meet very strict standards in order to obtain and retain these certifications.

Some people care more about ecology than certifications.  If you happen to be of this ilk, be aware that the TPO foam that is used to make all of the BedRug products is in fact 100% recyclable.  In fact, the materials that are unused are turned into pellets that are then used in various other consumer goods.  In addition, BedRug refuses to use any substance found on the Global Automotive Declarable Substances List.

Bed Mats

The bed mats that BedRug makes are constructed from the same type of material that the actual BedRug is made with and these mats are constructed to the specific configuration that you request.  Whether your truck is equipped with a bed liner or not, these mats will work to protect the bed of your truck and all of your cargo.

BedRug Mat

The difference between this one and the ones described above is that this particular one features a drop in liner.  If you already have one of the plastic liners then the truck bed mat made by BedRug is all that you need.  This particular mat has a backing made from foam that is an entire half inch thick. This will give you a smooth work surface and you won’t need to drill any holes into your truck to get it!

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