BakFlip Tonneau Cover

BakFlip is actually the manufacturer of quite a few different tonneau covers.  Each one of the tonneau covers that they make are made with pride right here in the USA.  They have not only been meticulously engineered, they have also been constructed using only the best of materials and given designs that are contemporary and use state of the art technology every step of the way.  Each one of these tonneau coves has both a look and a feel that will make your truck have a more custom look.  Each one of the tonneau covers that BakFlip makes comes with a warranty that is quite substantial.  In addition, the customer service at BakFlip is unparalleled.  BakFlip has been making these tonneau covers for over a quarter of a century and when it comes to both tonneau covers and other tonneau related products they are the absolute head of the pack.

Hard Folding Tonneau Covers

This is the absolute latest and greatest when it comes to the type of tonneau cover that is hard and consists of multiple panels that fold. These covers provide you with all of the benefits that a hard, locking cover gives you while still giving you the ability to access the whole bed of your truck in an instant. You don’t even have to remove the cover to gain that access.  Just fold the panels up to the rear of the cab and there you go!


This cover is crafted from powder coated aluminum that is of an aircraft grade.  It is both retractable and hard and with this cover, you will be able to gain access to the bed of your truck instantly without even having to remove the cover.  As with every single other cover made by BakFlip, this one will not keep you from using your factory stake hole pockets and it will also give you the ability to keep the style of your truck the same.

BakFlip CS

The CS in the name of this one is for Contractor Series.  This one is a hard, folding cover that features a sort of rack system that slides, making this the perfect cover for anyone who is looking for a combination tonneau cover, rack.  It doesn’t matter if you are a kayaker, surfer, electrician or plumber, this is the tonneau cover that will give you the security you want with the rack that you need.

Roll – X

This is an innovative tonneau cover that is known as a rolling tonneau cover.  It is highly functional and will give you the fusion of features that come with a soft tonneau cover (roll-ability) with the features of a hard tonneau cover that include be resistant to impacts, lock-ability and durability.  This is a sleek, no-profile style cover.

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