aFe Large Bore HD Particulate Filter – Back Exhaust System

aFe (advanced Flow engineering) makes high performance, high flow intake systems and air filters for the aftermarket automotive industry.  They were founded in April of 1999 and were made in order to fill a need in the industry for providing choices in regards to aftermarket air filters.

aFe consists of teams of production people, machinists, engineers and even sales people who happen to greatly believe in what they design.  Each person has years of experience in their positions and they all work in tandem to make sure that the products they bring to you are the very best ones on the market.  They didn’t want to just make another run of the mill air filter.  They pay attention to even the tiniest of details and as such are set apart head and shoulders from the competition.

Even though they did get their start making air filters, they are now known for also making some of the best exhaust systems available.

Large Bore HD Particulate Filter – Back Exhaust System

This is actually a turbo back exhaust system.  It works to get rid of your diesel truck’s existing particulate filter.  By doing this, you will achieve an airflow that is dramatically increases so that you get a better performance.  When you purchase this exhaust system you will get a DPF delete pipe, a straight through muffler and mandrel bent tubes with a 4 inch diameter.

Features at a Glance

  • Made with pride right here in the USA
  • In order for this system to work properly with your truck, you will need to get a performance chip (electronic module) which is sold separately
  • Custom made to fit your specific year, make and model
  • Tailpipe is one piece with the tip sold separately
  • Bayonet style hangers are welded on and in conjunction with the band style clamps, you get and installation that is secure
  • Includes pressure tap bungs and thermocouple bungs
  • Made from aluminized steel
  • Performance sound is low pitch and resonates outside your truck while remaining quiet on the inside
  • Straight through muffler has a core made from perforated stainless steel. There are not any chambers which means that the airflow is not decreased
  • The diesel particulate filter is completely replaced with the delete pipe
  • Decreases exhaust turbulence (back pressure) meaning that an airflow reduction is avoided
  • Tubes are mandrel bent and 4 inches in diameter. They provide airflow that is unrestricted while maintaining their size and shape regardless of the environment
  • By enhancing the airflow, engine performance is improved which leads to gains in torque and horsepower

When you want a performance that is enhanced in order to maximize your torque, horsepower and even fuel economy, this is the exhaust system you need.

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