• Putco Side Bed Rail

    Have you ever noticed that some trucks have rails along the tops of the beds?  These are called side bed rails and they actually can give a truck a look that is more custom and finished.  Here are also other reasons for these rails though.  Some people just like how they look.  Other people get these rails in an effort to make climbing into or out of the bed easier or even just so that they will have extra tie down points.

    Just as there are many reasons for these rails, there are many manufacturers that make them.  However, no manufacturer outshines Putco when it comes to this type of rail.  For example, look at the Locker side bed rails made by Putco.

    With the Locker side bed rails, simply load up all of your gear and then tie it down and you are ready to hit the roads or trails.  Each one of these rails has loops at either end of the rails that are meant specifically for tie down points.  This gives you versatility in your options for securing your gear.

    Aside from the versatility with the tie down points, these rails do add to the custom look of any truck.  The Locker side bed rails come in a stainless steel finish and they have been constructed from tubing that has a diameter of 1 ¾ inch.  This thickness will also make your truck look more aggressive.

    As if all of that were not enough, these rails are a cinch to install.  In fact, installation can be completed in just a few minutes!  Installation requires no drilling, welding or cutting to be completed safely and correctly.  Simply bolt them on using your factory installed stake holes and you are done!

    Granted, some trucks have no factory installed stake holes.  In this instance, you will have to drill two small holes to complete installation.  Putco also makes this easy by including everything that you need to mount the rails.

    The Locker side bed rails that are manufactured by Putco are sold in sets of 2 and include a lifetime warranty.

    Features at a Glance

    • Get a perfect fit every time since these rails are sold for your specific year, make and model
    • Constructed from 1 ¾ inch diameter NeveRust tubing (stainless steel)
    • Rails feature a variety of tie down points
    • Each rail features a loop at each end that is meant for tie down point versatility
    • The NeveRust is exclusive to Putco
    • Material is resistant to corrosion and rust
    • Installation is a breeze with no necessary drilling welding or cutting unless your truck has no factory installed stake holes
    • The Locker side bed rails come with the Putco lifetime warranty